SCTC Mixed Leagues

Please read the MIXED LEAGUE RULES & REGULATIONS prior to competing. (View in browser)

The deadline to play your matches will be Friday 30th November. 

As well as trophies for group winners, the following awards are on offer:

Team of the Month: Restring vouchers will be awarded to the best performing team in each calendar month (July/August, September, October, November). Each month is a clean slate!

League Office Appreciation Award: 50% off entry to the next league season will be awarded to each player in the first group to complete all their matches without walkovers.

Award for Racque-demic Excellence: Awarded to the best performing team before the kids go back to school. Prize to be announced!

5-0 Award: Awarded to a team finishing with a perfect win-loss record. Prize to be announced!

Have fun everyone!

Mixed League Group A

Group A Fixtures & Results


Mixed League Group B

Group B Fixtures & Results


Mixed League Group C

Group C Fixtures & Results