SCTC Singles Leagues

Please read the SINGLES LEAGUE RULES & REGULATIONS prior to competing. (View in browser)

The deadline to play your matches will be the day before the start of the Club Tournament. This is projected to be Sunday 5th May.

As well as trophies for league winners, the following awards are on offer:

Player of the Month: A restring voucher will be awarded each calendar month to the player who earns the most points from their matches. Each month is a clean slate!


Tim Henman Prize: Awarded to the best performing player who doesn't win their division 

League Office Appreciation Award: 50% off the next league season for every player in the first division to complete all their matches without any walkovers. 

Will of the People Award: Awarded to the best performer before the March 29th Brexit date.

The Mahut Isner Award for Longevity: Awarded to the player who is involved in the most service games.

Reboundability Award: Awarded to the player with the most victories after losing the first set.

Have fun everyone!

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