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Sutton Churches Tennis Club is registered as a Change4Life local partner. The following information comes from the Pro-Active West London website:

Change4Life is a new mass movement aiming to improve children’s diets and levels of physical activity. Millions of children face an increased risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and depression in later life because of their lifestyles now.

Supported by the Department of Health, Change4Life will invite every family in England to eat well, move more, live longer. It will help parents by providing information, tips and support to empower them to make better food choices for their children and encourage activities like outdoor play, walking and cycling.

The first stage of the campaign is to find who the 'activists' are that help shape the changes in people's lives through improved health, sport and physical activity.  Change4Life will support these volunteers and help share their best practice with the rest of the country, introducing new ideas and opportunities to get involved, working in collaboration with Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), Local Authorities, schools and voluntary groups, as well as major commercial and media partners.

Watch this space for more info on Change4Life activities at Sutton Churches Tennis Club.